FREE Nutrition Seminars

This seminar will cover the hot nutrition topics everyone is talking about in the gym, at work or at the school gate, and empower you with the facts!

We’ll cover some of the most common questions fired at nutritionist right now. Think: quitting sugar, eating fermented food, taking calcium supplements and activating your nuts! We’ll also give you the low down on many popular diets including paleo, intermittent fasting, the low FODMAP, anti-candida, liver detox and the raw food diet.

Cut through the noise and learn the facts from our nutrition experts!

If you would like to register for our upcoming FREE seminar Food and Nutrition Trends on Wednesday 25 October at 5.15 pm please provide your details below.

PS: Don’t forget that members are welcome to bring friends or family to the session, free of charge. Please just ensure that they have booked in.

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